About Us

Vertex One is a Sport and Medical Clinic specializing in Osteopathy Treatment, Medical Acupuncture and Sport focused Performance Therapy. Here we dedicate ourselves to help you attain optimal, pain-free physical mobility and to help increase your range of motion. 


Our methodology is rooted in intuition, observation and manual therapy. Our goal is to relieve pain, restore mobility and significantly improve the quality of life for all our patients without the use of drugs or surgery. At Vertex One, we realize it is important to receive top notch care. Your health is our first priority. 


At Vertex One you will be working directly with Martin Wilson, a trained osteopath and physical therapist, to obtain pain-free physical mobility. He will work with you to identify and treat the underlying cause of your pain and injury, alleviating your symptoms thorough a personalized treatment plan. Dr Martin Wilson will ensure the greatest comfort for your recovery by offering care where you need it, at home, in our office, or at sporting venues. He will provide you with support and relief to help you reach your goals!


Our facilities also offer the "Human Tecar”, a new cutting-edge piece of equipment that enhance patients’ recovery. 


Founded in 2010, Martin Wilson employs professionally trained and educated team members who focus on the diverse need of our clients. His Staff of specialists combine their expertise with their athletic background to provide the best quality care you can find, with an emphasis on one-on-one care at all times.

Our Team

Martin Wilson

Martin Wilson, PT, DPT, DO, is the Founder and CEO of “ Vertex One” in collaboration with “ The Upright Clinic.” In 2011, Wilson founded “ The Upright Clinic” with the desire to aid everyday people in achieving optimal, pain-free recovery. 


Wilson’s life long interest in sports led him to work with the Great Britain Athletics Team as one of their Physical Therapist. 


His personal experience with a vast array of sport provided an unparalleled foundation for diagnosing and treating any athlete. After 3 years with Great Britain Athletics Team, Wilson served on several other international competition staff including World Championship, Olympic Games. and European Championships. Several of his athletes were medalists, finalist, and British record holder. 


Wilson took his experience to open his own private sector in his clinic for professional athletes and called it “ Vertex One”. Vertex One will now be the umbrella for all Wilson’s professional athletes and weekend warriors, pre and post surgical patients, and everyday people suffering from chronic pain. 

Our Office

Phone: 0208 371 0267
Email: vertex1clinic@gmail.com

Hours: M, W & F - 10am to 5:30pm

T & Th - 9:30am to 4pm